• Image of HELL/Amarok Split LP
  • Image of HELL/Amarok Split LP

Following PESANTA URFOLK's highly acclaimed vinyl release of HELL's trilogy, the label returns with a split LP uniting those doom/drone giants with one of the subgenre's best-kept secrets, AMAROK. On their half, HELL deliver three songs - "Deonte," "Oblitus," and "Dolore" - that carry all the trudging, suffocatingly crushing hallmarks of the band's work to date, offering no respite nor escape for the entranced listener. But on half, AMAROK delivers a vast, side-long epic of slow-moving sorrow, dense yet spacious, forlorn yet finding release at the end of a noose. Rarely have two bands been pitted together yet complement each other so well: two paths to The End.

Comes in three coloration, all 200gm.
Black - Limited to 200
Hell Coloration (oxblood haze on milky clear) - Limited to 150
Amarok Coloration (aqua blue haze on milky clear) - Limited to 150