• Image of Pre-Order: Hell - Hell, LP (PESANTA EDITION)

The hell self-titled will receive a limited color variant release through solely through the Pesanta Urfolk label slated for early summer of 2018. This release will closely match the aesthetic of the Pesanta Urfolk's I, II and III releases. The jacket will feature the classic Dore art we have come to know to be synonymous with Hell releases, printed on heavy stock, multiple inserts including a poster of the Belial Cabal art designed for the standard LP release. The limitation for this edition has been set to 323. Three hundred of which will be the classic blood red/black as seen on the original Hell LPs, 23 will be a special coloration which will not be sold online.

This release, slated for a few months later is associated with standard edition of the vinyl between Veil of Tears and Sentient Ruin, and will feature the same masters by Dan Randall of Mammoth Sound who helped craft the crushing tones we know from Hell's previous vinyl offerings.

Standard edition catalogue number set for release in April is: URVOT060/SRUIN053

Limited edition catalogue number: Pesanta Urfolk 060
PREORDER. Winter ‘18