• Image of Hell - I, 12" limited vinyl

HELL I is SOLD OUT - I recently found some extra digital-download cards however, those have now been added for purchase. I will email you the relavant information upon receipt of the payment.

Remastered and repressed, originally released by Woodsmoke on Cassette, Canto XIV. Oppressive and colossal blackened drone. Limited to 322, black and dark blood red semi-transparent vinyl, comes with a 36"x24" poster, and a digital download card.

Update on the bloodstained wooden box edition...
A strict edition of 23 bloodstained wooden boxes made specially for Pesanta by Atlas Custom Cabs, sealed with iron lock and key. Initially this release was planned for the summer solstice and would include only HELL I. Pesanta has decided to move the release back to the winter once the third and final installment of the trilogy has been completed. The bloodstained edition will include all three releases (4 LPs total) in their original first pressing. The release will include everything contained in the within each individual release, but also a 48"x36" poster, 2 patches and an exclusive long-sleeve shirt. All posters will be flat rolled. Only 13 of the 23 will be available for purchase. More information further down the road....

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Featured on Roadburn's record of the day, with a great review from aQuarius Records.

PlagueHaus review here

Pesanta Urfolk 002

Excerpt from the remastered Hell - I: Deflagatio

HELL - I: Deflagatio (Preview) from Adam Torruella on Vimeo.

Sold Out