• Image of Lasher Keen - Berserker
  • Image of Lasher Keen - Berserker
  • Image of Lasher Keen - Berserker

Medieval Psychedelic Folk

The fantastical LASHER KEEN, a trio from Nevada City are mashing out their own sounds. Trad folk at its most dark, heathen intensity. Lasher Keen is the combined passions of those based on creating and reinventing myth into music. The tongues they sing in but tempt you to join in Yggdrasil rituals, masked rites, horned beasts, Fire Trolls, and massive kisses.

At times the songs become tales, accentuated by the bellowing of horn and the hauntingly nostalgic chime of the Glockenspiel, their roots are deep and strong.

“A truly genuine Spiritual impulse drives Lasher Keen.”
~Steve McNallen of the Asatru Folk assembly

“The illegitimate love child of a Pagan ritual & the Velvet Underground.”
~Penny the Clown

“You may never know what you are going to get at a Lasher Keen show, but the common response from the audience is of being charmed or transported.”
~Jesse Locks, Writer from the Union newspaper

Selected as an honorable mention on Pirates Press Record of the Week, this stunning double LP features beautiful artwork by Markus Wolff, includes a 30 page booklet and digital download. The material for Berserker is easily Lasher Keen's strongest and dense work yet. Imagine Comus meets the Incredible Strings Band, and had a heathen love child while under the influence of datura stramonium. Berserker is just that.

Edition of 93 on golden & red splatter vinyl
Edition of 393 on black vinyl


Lasher Keen~ Rainmaker from lara miranda on Vimeo.