• Image of Predatory Light MMXIV 10"

PESANTA URFOLK is proud to present PREDATORY LIGHT's debut release, MMXIV, on 10" vinyl format. Originally released last year on cassette, the MMXIV EP is a staggering work at just two songs. With enviable ease, PREDATORY LIGHT build undulating oscillations of smokestack sonic sorcery, shapeshifting from black metal to sludgy doom and back and forth, sounding like the same band yet one that can't be easily pigeonholed. As such, MMXIV offers a SOMETHING glimpse of a bold newcomer whose star is clearly on the ascent. In the band's own words, then: "Conceived in the vermiform labyrinth of spiritual fire, PREDATORY LIGHT seeks to sonically envenom the corporally enslaved and immolate the immaterial being through waves of blackened discordancy. Now revealing the MMXIV demonstration of power, an oscillating pilgrimage into shapelessness and sub-terrestrial penitence."

Black heavyweight vinyl edition of 300
Silver/Black heavyweight vinyl edition of 100 (plus bonus item when purchased from the label)
Art by H. Hilson.