• Image of Mania, Revel LP
  • Image of Mania, Revel LP

Twisted black metal/ doom with ambient influence and intense blast beats. Crucial record for fans of metal from the pacific northwest.

200 pressed on black vinyl.
100 pressed on tri-color vinyl.
100 poster packages made, 12x12 screen printed set of 6 prints on coverstock. Natural fiber northwesterrn sourced paper. Presented with a letter pressed and numbered obi-strip. Fantastic standalone purchase for any print or metal art fanatic.
Color edition sold without poster pack is now sold out.

Co-release with Greysun Records.

Preview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFtNGkyxs7w
Review here: http://heathenharvest.org/2013/10/22/mania-revel/

>>>Ships end of the month<<<

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